forrest rackard-love

hey guys. heres my new vid ive been talkin about.

I recognize that tune!

Beautiful video. I liked the footplant at the start. And the fifths.

Pretty cool…boring music…awesome riding though…


Nice video and i liked the variety and the instrumental track was cool too.:smiley:

REALLY GOOD.(odd music though) but good.:slight_smile:

Forrest!!! IT WAS SO SWEET!! I loved the 540 to sideways wheel walk it was so clean, the 5ths, and your creative use of obstacles. I actually liked the music and thought it fit with your riding stile and video really well. You never stop impresseing me. Your my idol. :slight_smile: lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Nice tricks man.

Gaa… Its ends up looping over and over all day, in my sleep, I come home and that track is playing.

nice forrest very sick!

was that a 450 to sideways wheel walk i saw?

thanks a lot everyone.:slight_smile:

and yes it was Jon.

what time was the 450 to sideways?

do you mean 450 to hop on wheel?

not sure what time but it was but yeah 450 to hop on wheel…btw thats an amazing one forrest cause of how clean and controled u came out of it.

once again showing the vid some love it was great.

450 to sideways. 450 up and 450 down? Very nice.

Defect soundtrack, always nice.

that was grouse. you good street rydahs make me jealous.

ya I did both. The 450 to sideways is closer to the end tho. This is forrest on annas iPhone btw.

Nice vid, awesome riding! They treys and fifths are looking good! Keep it up.

I would like to leave you a comment, but I am currently having to change my underwear, NIOCE JOB!

awesome video, the music kind of fitted it. good tricks and use of obsticals there, i like it lol:D

dude you are gettin crazy good! keep it up man we need to ride again someday and was that wood u grinded? lol that a boy

Awesome Riding.

Did you get a 7spin yet?

Looking forward to when you do!

Rocked the socks off an iron horse gorilla…

I liked it in other words:D