Forrest(Rackard) and JOnny again

Hey everyone. This is just a new vid that me and Jonny made a few days ago. We did’nt get a lot of footage but had a good time, and landed some new tricks. Thanks Jonny!

hope you enjoy!

Nice video! I think that’s the first time I’ve seen anyone transition from 1-footed pedaling to gliding! I’ve only seen 1-footed ww to gliding. You’ve inspired me to try that! :smiley:

sweet vid

Hey cool video guys, looks like you both are improving.

Forrest, try to get a little more rotation (for the unispin) in the hickflip, and it will make it much easier/smoother to land. It looked like the landing was kind of awkward (in the one off the step).

Jonny, I liked the glide, coast, glide. Ive never been able to switch between those. Have you worked on stand up glides (on flat) at all?

yeah again sorry about the lack of footage man. we were both so tired i dont know if it would have mattered even if the batteries were charged though, lol. eyah its alwaysa good time. hopefully we can ride monday and make ya know a bigger video and what not. im gonna practice hickflips here and be real persistent, we’ll see what happens.

yea give it a go, dude. i learned it on august 25th, 2005 at about 9 pm when i was chillin at my favorite riding spot ever, even now…matter fact i tknow where i learned every trick, and what day or week it was, who i was with etc. yeah maybe i take this sport too seriously lol.

you get a gold star, thanks.

naw my stand up glides have always been kinda poor. i can get um on hills from jumping like from the pedals staticly, but not rolling…however. i ordered my new freestyle, so i cant wait to try harder stuff like that. i honestly think leg extended stand up glides ( that CANT be what theyre called, lol) like kaori does arent even that hard if you can jump into a stand up glide. i dont know. but yeah check the new uni, its pretty sweet!

Nice, good job both of you. Nice hicks forrest and jonny your coasting is looking really good.

amazin, i cant coast.

I got one of those, their great, you’ll love it!