formation unicycling

for some time I’ve been thinking about formations based on two uniists riding toward each other, linking arms, doing a circle and dissconecting.

Been wondering if with 3 or 4 you can get some kind of endless pattern going.

After shuffling coins around to simulate it and not having much success, I decided to do it on the computer.

Here’s the result- a four person infinitly recycling pattern. I guess this kind of stuff has been done before? If so, is there a decent three person pattern?


Looks good, but it seems to me that you’d get pretty dizzy after a while. You’re only turning one way for most of the time.


Maybe dizziness will add to the fun!

Originally I thought each rider would get to go both ways, but you’re right, the bit in the middle where the direction changes is very brief.

A variation would be for the riders in the center to continue for a full turn whilst the outer two do a big circle.

Hopefully on Monday there’ll be four unicyclists at the juggling club and we can try it out- actually doing it is going to be more fruitful than theory I reckon.

I’d recomend putting on some square dance music. It would be a challenge that would look good in a parade.

Synchronized Uniing! Haha.
Cool. It would look nice in a parade. I’ve never thought about it before, but it’s a pretty good idea.


You should give serious consideration to getting a copy of One Wheel - No Limit. has it. The end has some of the formation riding that the Twin Cities Unicycle Club does. Like all videos unicycling, the sequences are not nearly as long as you 'd like, but they’re definitely great to watch and might provide some inspiration. There may be other videos with this type of riding; hopefully others can make additional recommendations.

Also, some of the older issues of the USA Newsletter (that’s Unicycling Society of America) has some descriptions for executing formation riding. (Although some of the diagrams were a bit primitive).

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Here we go, I’ve done a three person one,

this has the advantage of being easier to try (as only three are needed) and I think the turning is equal in both directions.

Jugglers may find it stangely familiar- it’s very like the 3 ball cascade pattern.

hopefully I should be able to try it out tommorow


The freestyle uniing competitions seem very similar to this. They do have some soloers, but also lots of formation people in it. some of the stuff they do is amazing! Stand up gliding, being pulled along by ppl going backwards in cool swirly patterns etc.

Re: formation unicycling

onewheeldave <> wrote:

> Here’s the result- a four person infinitly recycling pattern. I guess
> this kind of stuff has been done before? If so, is there a decent three
> person pattern?

Theres a barn dance that has three people doing a fig 8. We’ve danced that
one on unis a few times at BUC or uni meet chelidhs. Then of course with
lots of people you can grand chain, or strip the wilow.


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I really felt too ill to unicycle today but I’d e-mailed the juggling club with my unicycle formation idea, and I really wanted to see how it worked.

Paracetemol and a session of inhaling menthol helped a lot.

I knew beforehand that there would be wheel dicrepencies as I’m on a Muni and the jugglers are on 20"-ers; I thought it wouldn’t be a problem.

However, a further twist was that John had decided to put 170mm cranks on his 20"?!?. This didn’t help as he could barely ride it, we got hold of another 20"(with 5" cranks) but he had by now lost the ability to ride that.

The good news is that the three person pattern (I’m going to call it the cascade due to its similarity to the juggling pattern) definately works; it was shakey and we got confused in parts (especially by the fact that the grabbing hand doesn’t alternate LRLRLR…, but is actually LRRLLRRLL… etc).

However, I’m almost certain that only a little practice would be necessary to make it very solid, most of you experienced riders could do it in no time.


it’s quite easy to drift into a different pattern by grabbing the wrong person, and,

think about the way you grab hands, the most obvious is a ‘hand shake’, but you can also both have your fists held at head height and link like that- this possibly looks more hardcore, and results in much tighter circles.

I hope that those of you who know two other riders will give it a go and post the outcome,

For is it not said that: -

Whensoever three or more are gathered together,
then shall they performeth the ‘Unicycle Cascade’
and the peace and joy therein shall radiate throughout all the world,
bringing the news of the One Wheel to all.