fork frame of coker

Hey guys: I’m having difficulty in securing the left fork of my coker. I have already been through one set of bolts in securing the fork (they became stripped). It consistently “kicks out” which off sets the distance between the two sides. I am cranking the bolts until the upper fork meets the under securing half-moon. Any ideas? Is the frame problematic? I do mount with right foot, while this shift seat to that side it shoud’nt disrupt the forks, right?

is it “the Big one?” I got one from UDC recently and they welded it incorectly so one leg is a couple centemeters lower than the other, so I just trued the wheel to the right so it’s all good now. You shouldn’t overtighten bearing holders or you’ll wear out the bearrings faster.


bought is from some online site.

The bearing may be actually slipping outwards on the axle. That would cause the frame leg to also move outwards. The solution is to pull the bearing off the hub and put it back on using Loctite Sleeve Retainer. See this thread for details.

It’s a fairly easy fix but does require some specialized tools like a bearing puller, a tube of Loctite Sleeve Retainer, and a proper diameter pipe to press the bearing back on with. The tricky part is pressing the bearing back on without damaging it. It’s very easy to end up pressing on the rubber or metal seal of the bearing while pressing it back on and that can easily damage the bearing. If you’re careful to only press on the inside race (ring) of the bearing you’ll be OK.

have a bigger problem now

After I did what was suggested, I went riding and the left fork still moved out toward crank. Now it is stuck in the outer position. Any ideas? is there a way to remove bearings?

Re: have a bigger problem now

Use a bearing puller like this one. A basic bearing puller is actually an automotive tool for pulling off pulleys off of shafts in automobiles. You can get the same puller that UDC sells at a local auto parts store but you may have to shop around to find a similar model.

You need to pull the slipping bearing off the hub using the bearing puller. Apply the Loctite sleeve retainer (or red high strength thread locker) to the hub where the bearing will go. Then press the bearing back on the hub. Wait about 8 hours for the Loctite to cure. Then go ride. The bearing should stay in place now. If it still slips then get a new bearing.

thanks, but it appears the bearings have set to the hub after it moved out. is there away to undue the loctite then redue per your suggestions?

Just pull on them with the bearing puller. It’ll come undone. The Loctite bond will break and the bearing will pull off. I’ve never had any undo difficulty removing a bearing that has been Loctited on. It only takes a little more force than pulling off a new bearing that has a proper dry press fit with no Loctite.

The problem though is that you can damage the bearing by pulling it off. It can put some nasty forces on the bearing if the bearing does not pull off easily. But generally when you pull off a bearing you’re not planning on reusing it. You may need to replace the bearing with a new bearing if it gets damaged. Spin the bearing in your hand after you pull it off and make sure that there are no rough spots and that it spins smoothly. If you feel any rough spots then it will need to be replaced.

Here’s a FAQ at about removing bearings.
Here’s a guide by Brian MacKenzie on Unicycle Bearing Overhaul Or Replacement

thanks, although keep quiet 'cause i’ve convinced the wife that I need the upgrade airdyne wheel!