Forgotten Skills

Has anyone ever forgotten a skill? Last Sunday I went to the local park and could get up to rubber from a crank grab for the first time ever. I had a 4/5 success rate and was just great. Yesterday afternoon I went out to the same place and couldn’t get to rubber from my crank at all. I was on the exact same rig and I just couldn’t do it:(. Has this happened to anyone else?

Re: Forgotten Skills

I do not know of any name for this but it is not uncommon. Long after being able to hit every third giraffe freemount I have gone through dry spells where in an entire evening of trying I am unable to succeed even once. And occasionally, as seems to be the case with you, it will appear that a(n acquired) skill has completely disappeared including any sense of what it feels like to actually perform it. It’s weird, but always temporary.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I hope you’re right because crank grabbing is an incredibly valuable skill to me. I got a bad feeling about it when on the first hop of the day, my pedal didn’t clear the ledge. This has also happened to me when I was doing kick mounts a year ago. I got them down and then suddenly I lost it. I’ve stopped doing them, though because I’ve got better things to learn and relearn such as the second part of crankgrabs. Thanks.