Forgot to shift

I have been Cokering into work all summer. Yesterday it rained and I don’t like to Coker in the rain. I rode my bicycle. About 2/3 of the way in to work I realized that I was spinning really fast for a bicycle. All that way, all those hills, I forgot that I had gears and could shift up or down. Bikes are hard to ride. Too much to think about.

I’ve been thinking of getting a bike for some time now. I’ve researched mountain bikes and road bikes & touring bikes & hybrid bikes. Every single time I come back to the 36" Penny Farthing as the best choice…

Except for that annoying and complicated vestigial back wheel.

LOL. I usually forget that I can coast.

(People tell me I ride a bike funny anyway. I don’t start moving until I have both feet on the pedals.)

I was an avid road biker for years. I think I’ve ridden twice in the past year and half since I started to uni. When I do get on it I feel so weird.

your bike has shifters?

My favorite type of bike to ride and the most logicial for uni-riders is a fixed wheel bike-no gears no coasting brakes optionial.If you choose a low enough gear you could sit on the head tube and ride it like a giraffe -a’la artistic cycling–also allows for riding backwards which gives you something to do when waiting for the traffic lights to change. I ride a 69" gear with 165 cranks but I have ridden with close to a 26" gear on my track bike and it let me do tricks alot easier. Fixies are very popular right now and many of the major bicycle brands(all they do is spec and market)have a fixed gear or track bike in the product line below the 500 dollar price , try one out before you by a bike with a freewheel…
If you really want gears on your bicycle you can search for one of the sturmey archer two or three speed fixed gear hubs (TF,ASC)-they change the drive ratio between 10 and 25 % range-
Many serious cyclists use the fixed gear as part of a training regeime to build leg speed and smoothness of spin with the stability of a “training wheel”(steering wheel?) the fixie lets the legs spin at speeds of upto 220 rpms going when down the right hill— hitting 180 and 190 is not uncommon on a hilly ride with a lowish gear(mid 50s)of course if you arent smooth the bike starts to bounce around and you have to slow down…
they also work better in the snow becuase there are no freewheels to freeze up and you can slowdown with you legs ,which is intuitive for uni riders–my problem comes when I ride a bike with a freewheel and I use my legs to try to stop…it always takes a few seconds to find the brake levers after that shock of coasting…

lol … shouldn’t you have posted this in JC …?

My POS Super Sport (yes, another antique) … has 10 gears …


I only use one … I rarely shift.
Makes a better workout.

I have to give myself a couple foot pushes from dead stop.

yeah man, fixed is awesome… i got mine a few weeks ago and I have ridden everyday :smiley:

Since I’ve been unicycling (only for a few months), every time I get back on my road bike it feels really weird.

If I try to take my hands off of the bars, I feel like I’m going to fall off! It’s way more scary than riding the uni :thinking:

I just got me a new bike for riding to work in the winter, I was using the Coker but it’s too cold/dark now.

To keep me from getting too used to bikes/gears again I got a single speed Kona. It’s called a “Humu Humu Nuku Nuku Apua’A Deluxe” and it’s like a 26" BMX. I’ve been practising pedalling really quickly without hanging onto the bars and swinging the bike around, just sitting on the seat and spinning with no weight on the bars. It’s good fun and good practise for my uni’s. Being able to roll down hills (i’e not having to pedal constantly) at 6:30am is fantastic!

I try to do some trials stuff on it but it’s really hard, I know it aint a trials bike but it’s still really hard. Even riding a skinny on a bike is super hard compared to doing it on a uni.


Bet you pasted that one :wink:

I bought myself a Kona Cindercone some weeks ago. Long live mixed abuse!

[QUOTE=goldenchicken II]
Bet you pasted that one :wink:

Nope! :sunglasses:

So many people have asked me what it is cos it’s kinda weird looking and the name is stuck in my head now!