Forgiving Cokers VS Unforgiving 29'ers

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RE: Forgiving Cokers VS Unforgiving 29’ers

> Why are the big wheel unicycles with the hard wheelchair
> rubber tires so hard to ride fast?

I don’t think they are. I did pretty well in the UNICON marathon, in my 45"
wheel’s one and only ever race. With 6.5" crank arms I still managed 6th

But the wheelchair rubber sucks on bumps! And with that hard a tire,
EVERYTHING’S a bump. I haven’t ridden that unicycle the 8 miles or so to
work, and don’t intend to.

> Why would a skinny high pressure tire be any different?

It would give a harsher ride than a balloon tire, but it would still be an
order of magnitude softer than the wheelchair rubber. However it would
definitely still bump you around, especially on large or unseen bumps, so
you will want some sort of a suspension system to stop the bump at the seat,
and not transmit it into your body.

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