Has this ever happened to you? You learn a trick and a few days later you forget how to do it and then you just have to wait for it to come back.

Oh yes, lots of times. I wouldn’t call it forgetfullness though, more like not practicing the trick often enough.

i don’t really have a better name for cause it is like forgeting for me. Today i was doing a spin (I learned tem 2 days ago) and i fell off. And what do you know i now can’t do one for sh** (and i was praticing alot)

Arrgh… I hate when I do that. this summer I learnd to grind and I was getting the hang of it, now, I can still do it but pretty crappily after lots o trys

It normally only happens to me when there’s long periods between any kind of riding, a week or so usually does it.

I have tricks I"ve learned and then I’ve forgotten the trick!

Which ones, you ask? Aha, that’s a trick question. But some I’ve forgotten are sidesaddle riding and this direction-change trick I used to do. Pop the seat out to the side, hopping with one foot on pedal and the other on the fork on the same side. Then jump up, 180 the uni and land with the opposite foot on the pedal that was in front of you (and ride away). I always forget about that one.

when I first started riding, I was trying to do 180 unispins, and I read to just throw your feet out, spin it and land on the cranks. After comeing very close a few times I thought I would get the hang of it and I just never really practiced often. When I went to try them again, I could never do them like before.

oh I hate that. I had the same problem with backwards crankflips(I know there called backflips but stupid n00bs don’t get it :roll_eyes: ).

hey, don’t call them stupid just because they haven’t had as much time on the wheel, I’m sure on your first days/weeks of riding you didn’t know what a backflip was.

I have kind of just decided to either call them backcranks or back crankflips because backflip is a really bad name for it.

Yeah… I mean wtih people atttempting real backflips, back crankflips really need a new name…

I ALWAYS thought reverse flip is so much more informative, atleast you don’t get people saying it’ not a back somersault…

And yea, it happenend with double (forward) flips, not letting that happen with the opposite…