Forget air saddles, try air shorts!

Came across this today. Looks a little strange, but who knows?

Relevant part starts at 7:28 -

I probably won’t use these…

My first thought was that if air seats aren’t great (spreads the pressure around too much, reducing circulation), this probably has the same problem. But this one has pressure you can adjust on the fly, which might be a good thing. Plus you can adjust each side (L & R) individually, which also could be helpful. We need somebody to be a guinea pig for this product!

I wonder if it is just a prototype. I could not find it or similar for sale anyplace.

Great for those cambered roads!
Or these days where you just can’t seem to sit / ride straight.

At $130 it would be good to get a guinea pig report first. Start a collection? :wink:

I think I’ve seen this before…