[For Trade: USA] BC stuff, ankle guards, pimp wheel

Some assorted things that I don’t need anymore are listed below, but I’m looking to trade only. So, if you have any unwanted goodies (seats, short square-tapered cranks, obnoxiously long seat posts, various other silly items) and see something you want, go on and post it!

BC plates: Homemade, based off of Evan Byrne’s plate concept. Weight: 23 oz. for the pair.

BC Wheel: super cheap-o wheel, crummy hub, single wall rim. No rim tape.

661 Ankle guards: Got these a long time ago and didn’t use them much (actually, only ever used the left side)

Pimp wheel: Well, not really… but kinda interesting. Torker DX hub/cranks, chromed double-walled rim. Hub reads “Creatures”. Cross-laced for extra stupidity. Weighs in at a lightweight 5.0 lbs

I have a pair of 112mm Square taper cranks and a UDC non-gel seat with cracked handle. I also have a 22.2mm rail post, and I have a Kenda K-West 29’er tire and a Schwalbe Road Cruiser 29" tire. 29" round crown frame, I think.
Let me know if any of this entises you to trade me for the Pimp Wheel.