For trade (aus) kh24 '05 frame and wheelset (cranks,hub,rim,tyre)

I’ve got an '05 KH 24 XC Its got an onza hub and crank set (150mm), xc double walled rim, duro wildlife tyre 24"x2.7" (98% tread) and the kh 24 '05 frame. the frame has a few bumps and bruises but nothing realy bad just your average wear and tear. I dont have the patience to deal with money so I’ll pay for my postage you pay for yours. its not first in best dressed i’ll take what i think is good so dont get offended. i’m gonna stay pretty reserved and say that i may not want ot trade for anything that gets posted sorry. tell me what youve got and leave your email and i’ll get back to you or ill just post back on this thread thanks all have a look get a good deal. i’ll post a picture soon and i’m gonna give the cranks a paintjob (black).