For Toque

Sorry I know this should be in just conversation, but I need ideas before friday. Im off to TOQUE friday, and need to get a digital camera before. Want to spend up to $700 or so, but need ideas of what D cameras have good photo and film taking abilities, that you guys know of. And that would maybe be in a store. Please give me ideas,…

You can’t go wrong with a Nikon Coolpix. Canon powershots are also good. If you want prosumer quality, which is pretty high-levelm, I’d reccomend the 5700, which I’ve seen to be really good, and of high quality. The higher level sonys are also nice, but make sure you get one that had a carl zeiss lens, I’ve heard bad stuff about their lower-level lenses. The sony f-717 is good, except it’s large. The nice thing about all the sony lines is that they can take videos lasting as long as there’s memory in the card, which can be pretty long. Whatever you do, make sure you get a camera with a CCD sensor that has a resolution of at least ISO 400, anything less and you’ll need really long exposures and a flash in order to prevent underexposure.

I’v had good luck with my canon powershot s200. not only is it the size of a credit card x 1 inch, the pictures are ok. but it’s pretty cheap now. the size makes it very convienient for taking on rides. the pictures are also fine for putting online.