For those worried about the current Schlumpf strength

Reading a post a while ago about people being scared to take their GUnis off of curbs, I decided to ask Mr. Schlumpf himself. (Not Gilby, Florian)

his reply:

"the gearing system itself is very very robust. It’s the same as the version has, that Kris Holm is testing for half a year now, and works perfect, even with 2m drops and the like.
The only limitation are the cranks and the axle: the square end axles are not robust enough for high jumps, both the cranks or axle can brake.
It’s the same limitation, that BMX bikes have: with a square end axle, you’d better not drop too high to avoid broken crankarms/axle.

This is exciteing news, as I recieve my GUni this week, and I doubt I will be taking a 29r over anything more than I take my square taper Coker off of anyways, and will still be able to ride as aggresively as I enjoy

That’s very cool to hear. I think a lot of it was David Stone’s paranoia, since he tends to talk a lot about his GUni :wink:

Personally, I think I’m waiting for the price to descend. Got a Dave Stockton on the way instead :slight_smile:

You’ll be very happy, he’s great at yard work and cleaning garages

I’ve ridden mine up/down kerbs, roots etc. same as I would a coker or a square taper muni. It’s fine. I don’t break cranks or hubs on the muni, so I’m sure I won’t do anything to them. Obviously you’re risking having to use the hub warranty, which would be a nightmare, but from the sound of it, it’s very unlikely to be a problem, and hey, that’s why you pay a fortune for a unicycle with a 5 year warranty.

The weak point of the Schlumpf is for sure the frame not the hub, be really careful tightening up all the bolts not to over or under-tighten anything, or else you can get snappy frame joy and six month wait warranty woes.


In the last email from him: “Your hub is ready for about two weeks, but we were waiting for an improved part of the new frame”

He didn’t mention what the new part was

That’s just a rumor, and is totally untrue, as many rumors are. But maybe if I got to ride one of those little tractor-mower things…

You are absolutely right on both counts: paranoia and verbosity. But don’t forget that my Generation One hub actually diddisengage a few times, which was scary as hell. My new hub has made me feel very safe, and I’ve taken curbs up and down with no problem…except this clicking noise that I have to ask someone about this summer at NAUCC.

I know you’ll love that. Stockton does great work!

PS: See how quiet I can be if I try?:stuck_out_tongue: