for those of you with trials bc's...or know about them...

When you built your trial’s bc did your lace it to a trials/super strong hub or just a standard bike hub?

I dont know much, well, really nothing about it, but if it was me, i would want to use a really strong hub (is it possable to put a profile onto it?) on my trials BC, if i used something cheap, like a front wheel from a bike at walmart, it would bend easily lol

:smiley: profile bc wheel… ha! i love it!

When it comes to axle strength on a 14mm bike hub, the difference between a really high dollar hub such as the profile, and lower price hubs like the demolition or mongoose, Usualy is in the hub cassing not the actul axle. Yes bc wheels go under werid stresses and side loads with foot on tire and other tricks bike wheels dont usualy go under. As long as you have a good wheel build, and a mid range hub you should be alright.

I ride Oddyssey Hazard hubs, I LOVE them.