for thoes of you with the 2005 torker

okay so i found a 05 torker dx i could buy for a resonable price but all i want is the wheelset (and i was wondering if anyone wanted to buy the frane and seat):slight_smile: but anyways heres my real question i got a yuni frame and i was wondering if the bearings would fit on my uni frame so i could just swich wheelsets:) :thinking:

oh yeah and while im at it would a 05 torker 24 lx be a good muni for a kid that weighs 80 pounds?

Would it work? sure it would. It’s a nice solid unicycle and if you are careful with it and don’t do anything to crazy insane then it will be fine. But start doing repeated 3+foot drops then you’re going to have problems.


LOL 3ft drops repeated ???

well, unless you weigh over 200lbs then that isn’t going to do anything to it @ all
… i take mine off of a 5 ft drop everyonce in a while and its fine

Yeah, that could do it. My friend totally screwed up an axle in one off of a 2.5 foot drop, and he was only 160 or so.

If you only weigh 80 pounds it should hold up fine.

And I think the frame will fit.

One of the kids from the OC uni club, Deano, routinely does 4’ drops on his LX and it holds up perfectly fine. He only weighs around 80 pounds though.

like me:p ?

I do the ocassional 5’+ drop and my trials has held up fine so far(it’s a KH trials though, not the DX)

I’m about 130lbs and do drops up to 7’ on my dx but it’s an 06.

its got the same axle/cranks so its nothing special

how much? im interested

well you can get a 2005 torker DX from for $200
20" only :slight_smile:

mine is awesome :slight_smile:

uh sorry its sold but if you want a cheap dx look on ebay they got one for 30 dollers :astonished: