For the unicyclist who has everything...

Too cold outside to uni? Inclement weather putting a damper on your unicycling?
Is work or school eating up all your winter daylight hours?
Is posting to/keeping current with RSU taking too much of a chunk out of your riding time?

Help is here!

No more catcalls from the idiot-on-the-street!
No more gouged floors, smashed lamps, broken dishes, TVs, or pets from UPDs in the livingroom!
Heck! No more UPDs at all!

Introducing the “NAIS” Balance-Exa EU-6203!

List price: HK$2,480 (= US$330.76, CA$507.79, EUR 311.57, AU$562.97, NZ$ 607.84)

Now you can safely (more or less) and legally ride and drink as much beer as you want at the same time !

Hey! Is that thing hard to ride?

Hmmm. And I suppose the unicyclist who already has everything might not already have one, because it’s not a unicycle. But if an exercise bike were to be made from a unicycle, I guess that’s what you would end up with.

So why would you not want a handlebar on an exercise cycle? :slight_smile:

OK… For the unicyclist with inner-ear problems…

… because you’re the manufacturer trying to keep materials costs down? :slight_smile:

Maybe you could set the whole thing on a rola-bola for a less static, more “balancey” ride.

Yeah. I can just hear the comments now… “Where’s your wheel?”


Hey, that looks like a good idea. I wonder if you can put your own saddle on that. I’d want an airseat if I’m going to spend a lot of exercise time on it. What size is the seat post? I’d want to get pedals with pins - don’t want to slip while exercising. What type of cranks does it have - if your going to work out your legs even more you’d want strong cranks so you can stand up on it. Which makes me wonder what sort of axle system it has - maybe it can be modified for profiles…

Trails on a “cycle” with no wheels? Hmmm!

Although if people do freestyle wheelbarrowing, I’m sure something artistic is possible…


What saddle do they have on it? It almost looks like the Pashley slug saddle. At least it’s not a Savage saddle.

But more importantly, what are you doing all day long that you can spend all day finding links to things like that? Get out and ride.

I once took a telephone call while spinning with my road bike on the stationary trainer, I continued to spin while sitting upright for about 20+ minutes while talking. When I was done I was numb from my navel to my knees, some seats were just not meant for sitting on upright for extended periods.

Hey, thats kool!

I love the part in the discription on the site that says ‘With its compact and space-saving design, it is perfectly fit for modern home in Hong Kong.’

LOL. Do you think it would fit in a modern home in UK? Anyways, it would be quite fun if having races on them (using the computers of course!) . And knowing Simon, he would just want to try and hop on it!

(The blue one would look class in my bedroom! :P)


i wonder if it freewheels?or free whatevers…since there is no wheel…

For the unicyclist who has everything…


A (non-unicyclist) friend sent me the link.

Re: For the unicyclist who has everything…

'Neglected to mention it polishes the floar at the same time.


Yeah, like bike seats!

After having read the page describing the device, I understand what it’s for. Hong Kong apartments are notoriously small. Though I’m sure there are some small ones in the UK as well, I don’t think you realize the smallness of a HK apartment in relation to space (and price!). Steve Dressler was sharing what I would call a small apartment, with three bedrooms, with two roommates. Plus he had his office in his, bedroom (which was the smallest), and a closet converted to another bedroom for his office assistant. The second bathroom in there was a combination toilet stall, sink, and shower, all in the space of a phone booth.

This explains wanting the thing to be small. But I’m sorry, it would suck as an exercise bike. You would kill your crotch, and if you tried to pedal fast, the thing would oscillate all over the place. You really need something stable to grip, to relieve your crotch, and to help pedal straight.

But I definitely got a laugh out of “Hey buddy, where’s your wheel?”

Thats sooooooo COOL

If I had some $$…

I’d buy one.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Re: For the unicyclist who has everything…

On Fri, 17 Jan 2003 11:35:59 -0600, johnfoss
<> wrote:

>So why would you not want a handlebar on an exercise cycle? :slight_smile:
Handlebars are for wussies :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil

Ride carefully; 25% of the people in the world are caused by accidents.

For the unicyclist who has everything…

Yeah, now that I look at it again, it’s obvious that it would be impossible to ride! :wink: