For the unicyclist that has everything?

Christmas is coming, who’s going to have a surprise at their morning ablutions?

uni toilet paper.jpg

I don’t know, Will. In order for him to pedal forward the paper has to come off of the back of the roll. He’s on a double stack. Maybe Gilby would go for it.

Ah, the great bane of almost every marriage. Should the TP come off the front or off the back?

Of course in our house, it comes off the correct way…off the front…

Hey, those toilet paper-riding unicyclist things are great! Those lucky unicyclists who have had the pleasure of visiting Connie & Andy Cotter’s house in Minneapolis will attest to how wonderful and life-enhancing they are. There are at least two of these inhabiting their house. They truely make dispensing paper towels & TP one of life’s little joys.


My family and I have had the honor and privilege of personally meeting Connie’s toilet paper holders.