For the unicyclist that has everything

They’re sight isn’t up yet, but I saw this at

Won’t a wheel like that look good in one of Steve Howard’s new 29er prototypes?

That is definately some cool shit. I would be interested in getting something for a “cruisin” lowrider style Uni.

very kewl!
anybody got one on uni yet?

I’ve been thinking about the same thing. I’m gonna take a hub and drill another set of holes in it so I can have 72 spokes. Gold spokes and nipples, white wall tires, crazy paint job, it’ll be sweet.
I’m also thinking of covering my seat in velour or crush velvet or something.
Those rims are awesome though :thinking: what to do

check out here for some crazy tires

I’ve seen a lowrider bike with TWO rims laced to one hub, with one tire spread wiiiiiide. How 'bout a 24x6 Gazz?!?!?

I would love to see a picture of this… is there a URL (I hope)?

Accord, the number five wheel would compliment the rims on your car quite nicely, don’t you think?
-David Kaplan

It was also at the bikerodncustom website. I don’t know if there is an archive there.

Yeah, that’d grab some extra points at the shows.

That’s what they used to do for cycling on snow/ice. Now you can get really wide purpose made rims. Have a look at

I don’t know how strong they’d be though.

Have fun!


RE: For the unicyclist that has everything

> check out here for some crazy tires

Those are cool! But the site seems very cosmetic in nature. In other words,
cool as the tires look, I can’t take them seriously if they aren’t going to
tell me what size they are… :slight_smile:


Re: For the unicyclist that has everything

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> check out here for some crazy tires

what, no unicycle section???
Trevor andersen