For the commuters

Many of you commuters ride many miles to work. Just wondering: is there a shower facility for you at work? Or are you soooo good you don’t even break a sweat for a 10 mile gig?

Shower. But I’m a computer programmer so nothing’s expected of me.

right now I usually don’t commute any more from home (I am afraid) but:

  • when years ago I did that -> same response as kahunacohen
  • but in some cases twas funny because I was teaching at different locations and my first question was "any shower? " (stare :astonished: )
  • the other option I use when I work in the US is to take the bus to the office and then to commute back to the hotel … and yes: there are showers at the hotel!

Shower. I can commute by bike and keep exertion low so I don’t need one (college professor, so not much is expected). By unicycle, there’s no way I could do without a shower at the end, though.


Shower (16 km = 10 miles). On the bike I can sometimes ride slow enough that I could possibly skip the shower, but on the unicycle I REALLY need the shower as I sweat attrociously. I’m also a software developer, but alas for my current job I have to wear slacks and a nice shirt :-(. With 16km, I can’t imagine how long it would take me if I rode slow enough not to sweat (my commute takes me 50-65 minutes on the 36" unicycle and 35-40 minutes on the bike). If I rode slow enough I think it would take me close to 1 1/2 hours.

My commute is only a mile and a half. There is a shower at work but i don’t need to use it.

If i had a longer commute i still probably wouldn’t use it. There is no known deoderant that can keep anyone in retail smelling fresh all day especially when you end up walking 10-15 miles moving stock.

If possible, join a gym close to your office to shower and change at.

When I do commute the nearly 10 miles to work, I usually don’t shower. I do have a shower available, however it takes a bit too long as there’s a long line. I do, although, take a sort of sponge bath and change clothes.

I ride 7 miles each way by bicycle. There is a shower I use.

Shower in a can

On a normal bike my 9km commute to the office usually doesn’t require a shower afterwards. On my schlumpf 36er or 54" Penny I probably should, but I usually use “shower in a can” to avoid the hassle of showering. On any given day I should smell decent at my workplace, and a bit of deodorant usually does the trick.

On the days where I commute to work in a rubber suit in a helicopter, I really should shower, as flight suits make you sweat a load! But most people out here smell anyway, so you can get away with it…

nope. but i have my own bathroom at the office, so sometimes i take a ‘birdbath’ heh. most days, though, i just take a shower before leaving, and the 15 miles to work might make me a little sweaty, but so what? I get by just fine for a few hours without that daisy-fresh, just-stepped-out-of-the-shower feeling. no big deal. besides, i don’t think people actually start to seriously reek until like the second or third day without a shower…right? so it’s not like i’m offending anyone…at least, no one’s said anything yet. oh god, now i’m getting anxious… :thinking:

The others who posted here don’t ride IN a shower everyday on the way to work like we do.


I Am the shower…

I’m glad you asked the question. I’m raining buckets of perspiration just riding my little 20" practice uni three miles. I was wondering if it would be practical to commute when I looked like I had just come up from the ocean.

I know we do have a shower for families who stay with patients. Perhaps I could use that. Otherwise I wonder about simply using the staff bathroom sink.

BenBrown: I’m the same way after a ride: completely wiped out. There is a little store I frequent before each ride to buy bottled water. The cashier lady is very attractive and more than incentive enough to keep going back. It’s been pretty hot here so I happened to go in AFTER a ride to get more water. She gave me a horrified look as she looked upon my drenched clothing.

Even though we have shower facilities at work, I still don't ride to work.  The plant is too large (I'd have to park the uni 1.5 miles from my desk) and I get hassled too much.  Rule # 3,6523: No personally owned vehicles, bicycles,....blah blah blah.

After my rt 14 mile commute I am wiped out too. I think it’s more mental than physical. Even if you are an experienced unicycler commuter, after ~ two hours in the saddle of a 36, you don’t realize how much constant focus it takes. Especially when dealing with different kinds of terrain and traffic.

It’s fun, but to be honest I don’t have it in me to do this more than once a week. The rest of the time it’s a bike.

I’m sure I’d get used to it if I did it more often, but I just don’t have that extra half hour it takes when compared to a bike.

Wow where do you get a programming job with no expectations? Do you have to have any qualifications?

Yes, we do have a shower at our new building. Unfortunately I haven’t yet done a commute to work on my unicycle! Got to bite the bullet and start doing it at least sometimes! Approx. 7 km.

I’m referring to how we dress and smell. Have you seen one of us lately?

Yep, many. I’m one.

He must work for a free software company. Buncha hippies :roll_eyes: