for saleIdentify this for me its from the 1920-30s

It belonged to my father since the mid1930’s- 1940’s he got it used from some show traveling through town tires are GOODYEAR AIRWHEEL ALLWEATHER G-3 24 X 2.125 It says that on both sides on one side it says keep inflated from 20-22lbs on the other168428 it looks closest to a columbia but a colector who stopped by didn’t think so

could be a schwinn…
but not too likely, the frame on the schwinn was different…

hang it on your shop wall and call it art or better yet get rid of it all together before anyone sits on that relic.

Are you really selling it? Or just asking what kind it is.

I’d say it’s a Norrco… or however you spell it. No one is going to buy a unicycle in that condition or age, so I too would either hang it up or just dump it…

A collector might buy it…But as for what kind it is i have no idea, but that saddle looks rediculouslydabgerous to your manhood. Quite frankly im amazed that your father could have children after riding that!

it looks partially dangerous, but if it had a better seat it might sell better

uhmmmmm cottered cranks :slight_smile: yummy

The cranks look like old style Schwinn. Can’t say anything about the rest.

That looks awesome! I wish I had something as old and beat up. I’d probably throw it away, though. :frowning: not enough space.

i might buy it:) depends how much shipping is to CT