For Sale

ok so im looking for people who want to buy some stuff im getting it brand new and never used:

          Qu-ax BX-32 double walled trials rim     $30

          127mm alu ISIS cranks      $20

          CrMo ISIS hub             $20

i need to know if people will buy these cuz those are the extra parts i will have from making a custom setup i will gladly negotiate prices you can buy any of them you want ill sell them seperated or as a group they all go together. buy a few spokes and you have the makeings for a wheel!!
tell me what you’ll pay for them. they will be TOTALLY brand new right from the factory :smiley:

PM sent

I know what braun is getting for christmas, or have you finaly gone to the dark side of the baby wheels?


how much are spokes? are they black?

i gotta use the spokes for what im doing but you can get some for like 40 cents a piece, not bad but if you want to buy the whole wheel set i’ll see what i can do as far as spokes for you

the qu-ax rim
36 hole right?

no its 48 hole i dont think qu-ax does 36 probably for more support
but the stuff is all new anddont have it in my posetion yet,i dont know when i will have them icant get them until ive got buyers so it would be great to sell the whole set but i dont have a problem with selling any part of it individually

my cousins looking for a uni so maybe i’ll make him a custom… i’ll talk to him tomorow and see…

oh and how much for the pedals?

Did we all miss the second post by Tony that said he had sent this dude a PRIVATE MESSAGE. It is a monster of a deal and I am pretty sure that Tony has already snatched the whole thing up.
On another note Grant, what type of uni is your cousin looking for, because I still have stuff left over here. Let me know
Sorry. This is in no way a threadjack.

Thanks Ben but I don’t want it anymore… It ends up it’s just a square taper hub and cranks.

->It’s NOT an ISIS splined<-

Yeah Nathan I was thinking of it for Braun… I guess when a deal seems too good to be true it is.

what type of uni is your cousin looking for? whats his skill level?

wait its not a splined isis?

I think its the Qu-ax isis cranks, which are ISIS splined, just not very strong.

ya its the qu-ax ones there not as strong as the normal isis splines i just wanted to see if there would be any one who wanted them becasue i was thinking of making a custom trials uni and thats the parts that i would have left over

You mean the hub that they put on the 20" cross unis?


the red one is ISIS(apparently)

read the posts before yours, its not an ISIS, also if you ask Tony Melton he rides the new ISIS and sais that they are fine.