{for sale} ViZ 19" trials wheelset.

Spoke to a guy about this wheelset on the weekend and I sent him an email. No answer, so I guess it’s up for grabs.

19" ViZ 46mm Red rim
Champion DT spokes
KOXX-1 ISIS(?) hub
KOXX-1 140mm cranks
Currently has a like new Monty Eagle Claw 2.3" tire and 19" IRC tube, but I would sell that seperately if it doesn’t turn your crank.

$300.00US + Shippingfor the wheelset, $330.00 with tire and 2 tubes. OBO

This rim has been ridden a total of about 12 hours since being laced. I am sick of picking my self off the pavement doing trials and street and would like to build a kick-ass Muni. If you have a T7 or GB4 handle, or a big apple 29" tire, I might consider that as some of the payment.

Link to pictures on my Gallery. I am at work and can’t add the link here. The frame will also be for sale, but I will post that seperately. Thanks


hey ben,

I am going to email you about it…but I was wondering if I cud just buy the rim and the tire from you?? and how much wud it cost?

if only i lived across the atlantic!

No, I am not going to part this out. You could just order a rim and tire from TrialsinUSA if thats all you want.

thought you use to think muni was for weiners ben? :stuck_out_tongue: your a loser lol i might have someone that wants to buy it if you still want my 24" frame

im not interested in buying but i’d just like to say that the VIZ 46mm rim is awesome!

im so glad i chose it on my set up, it looks fantastic and rides well too. i also have my viz laced to a koxx hub and crankset and am loving it.

whoever gets this one is getting a great deal.

“G” sup buddy. I have a crushed vertebra and both my ankles are screwed. Getting old sucks ass. If someone that you know wants this uni. I will ship it with a seat and pedals as well. Not the pedals you gave me though. I love them. Let me know…

do u have pics? I’m interested

If you read the post it says…link to my GALLERY and the are pics there but it might be a waste, I think I have all the components sold.

o well if it falls through tell me