[For Sale] Various Unicycle Parts

I made a thread about the KH rim already, but I’ve decided to part out a unicycle also.

For sale I have the following:

KH trials rim
KH 8-spline hub
Bedford trials frame
KH saddle

These parts belonged to a trials uni. I lent it to someone, who rode it with the seat backwards, and didn’t tighten the pedals, so they got stripped. Rather than put a shit ton of money into a new rim (which already needed replacing) and hub/cranks, I’ve decided to part it out.

Pics tell the rest of the story.

Sidenote: anyone know who/what the S.W.A.T. (Single Wheeled Attack Team) is/was? The sticker on the rim has that on it…(see pic)

bedford frame
KH saddle
SWAT sticker

is the hub a newer or older model?

woops sorry lol I didnt see the pictures the frist time…


How much for the KH Saddle shipped to Tampa?



I found this little blurb on SWAT

The saddle is spoken for, and the KH rim is the same rim I just bought from Brian O. I haven’t even opened the box he sent me. The uni’s cranks got stripped while it was en route to my house. Lame.

What size are the bearing. You can email me with a price for the hub and bearing and we can make a dealio…ben at hendrixequip.com Thanks. Ben

Sorry friends, everything is sold.