[For Sale: USA] Coker big one

It’s the basic coker big one setup from the website except…

I put plastic pedals on it, still have the original metal ones whichever you want.

pi bar with grips.

I have both coker 125 and 150 mm cranks.

I upgraded the seat to a kh fusion freeride.

I put a brake on it. Basic v-brake and handle. Works great.

Bike computer.

Early on I was messing around with the brakes and thought it would be a good idea to grind the paint off the rim (only did it on one side), turns out it didn’t do much, so I repainted it. From 5 feet away you wouldn’t be able to tell, if you look close you can tell, purely cosmetic.

Everything works perfectly, no issues at all with it. There are a few scratches on the seat handle, and a few on the handlebar, but overall it’s in great shape.

$375 + shipping


How much would shipping to Kingston Ontario be?

pm sent

I already have a buyer, if it falls through I’ll let you know.