[For Sale: USA] 20" Torker DX

Venture crank ripped out at the pedal. Tire is super old and worn. $60, I will pay shipping to lower 48. I have no use for it and 20" uni’s hurt my knees now, so it’s not worth it to get other cranks/tire for me.

Do you have any photos. What do you mean by ripped out at the pedal? Is the hub ok for new pedals?

Crank is shot hub is fine.

Is the frame dented? Is it square taper or ISIS?

Frame is fine. ISIS of course! I can’t even get on a square taper without ruining the hub and cranks.

Thanks’s for the reply, but I was hoping for square taper because I have extra cranks.

ok thx


PM’s sent. $$$ Sent through PayPal.

I will make good use of the 20".


Carl Bill:)

Got it, thanks. Will ship asap…on or before Monday. Thanks


It’s Here!

Took off the cranks and tearing it down tonight. Have parts on order - bearings, cranks, pedals. The cranks and pedals I had were not quite right for this purpose, so new is okay. New Kenda Flame tire ready to install. Might paint the frame.

It may not be a Muni any more… a cruiser is what I have planned. Getting back into riding… start back with a 20". Work my way back up to the 36".

No big jumps or major off road for me. Getting smarter than that in my old age. :wink: Trying to get healthier and make a good run for retirement.

Thanks for the fast shipping. Appreciate your good communication too.

Next project is to resurrect my old Matthews 24". The 2nd Uni I bought in the early 1970’s. :smiley:

Not a 20"!

Imagine my surprise… when the 20" tire did not fit! This thing is actually a 19"!!! No big deal. I just ordered another tire and tube.

It’s Done.

And it’s DONE! My new John Deere Uni-Gator!


Carl great job on the restoration. That’s what I was planning to do if I bought the uni.