for sale:______UNiVERsE video

i dont own a VCR anymore and havent for 8 months so this is another item that can go.

lots of life left and the slip cover has been kept in mint condition since day one.

anyone in the lower 48 can have it for thirteen dollars, i’ll pay the shipping and its yours…(Jason and Daino,if you want,send fifteen dollars)

Re: for sale:______UNiVERsE video

Tempting… As are those 110 mm cranks. What would the price be for both?


Jagur, if you’ve still got the video, send me a pm with your address and I’ll send you a check and my return address so that you can send it to me:)

Damn! Too late. If anyone changes their mind, PM me.

Re: for sale:______UNiVERsE video

Hey Jag,
You know Jason once sold me a Kinport handle. When he did, he flew down here just to give it to me. Because I had to do a bit of driving to get to where he was staying, he knocked off half the price of the handle. And here you are trying to charge more. Damn, we need more people like Jason. :smiley:


Re: Re: for sale:______UNiVERsE video

There’s your chance for a dual sale, Jagur!:smiley:


Ha! i know i forgot about the video untill after i had allready posted the crank thread…oh well,there will always be a next time.