[For Sale] Unicycle University tee-shirts

We had these shirts made up last year for our club members and so we’d have something to sell or trade at the unicycle conventions. But due to events beyond our control (namely unemployment), we have not been able to attend any of the conventions. Although I am now employed and we are on the road to recovery, we will again be unable to attend the convention this summer.

So, if you collect shirts from other clubs or would simply like to have one, we would like to make them available to you. Our club members have purchased some so the only ones we have left in stock are:

one youth medium
two adult size small
one adult size medium
one adult size 2XL

These are brand new and we’ll sell them for $12 which includes shipping to anywhere in the 48 states. Others may have to pay a bit more for shipping.

The other option is that we’d be willing to trade with you for a unicycle shirt from your club. We would need either an adult medium or adult large in exchange for any size of our shirts. To be fair, we’d simply ship you one if you ship us one.

Please note that we spare no expense to obtain only the best looking shirt models. Mr. Brad makes a fine salesman if I do say so myself. :slight_smile: Our email address is yoopers att verizon dott net.

Make it a great day.



I think I might be interested. What size is Brad wearing in the pic? Do you think the youth medium would fit me?

Brad is 5’-2", weighs 100 lbs. and wears a medium, as he’s wearing in the picture. If you’re anywhere close to Brad’s size, I doubt the youth medium would fit you. It may fit your younger brother, though. From your pictures, it looks like you may wear an adult small.


I think I’ll bump this back to the top. I haven’t pursued this at all so we still have all the original shirts. Tell you what, I’ll ship one anywhere in the 48 states or Canada for $10, two for $15, three for $20 and so on.

See the first post in this thread for the available sizes. I can take Paypal from verified users at my Paypal address: yoopers98 at yahoo .com


Sweet, paypal = good.

If you have adult smalls left, AWESOME!!!

I really like the shirts, but they’re not in my size. I can wear a LG or and XL, but not an XXL. I don’t suppose there’s a way to shrink them significantly?

No, not really. But it’s a good thought. Where’s that Honey I Shrunk the Kids machine?