For sale unicycle stable.....

Spring!! and I want to be parted with 11 of my 13 unicycles.Those include 29’’
28’‘racer one pure 26’’(Combat rim) one 26" with Magura breaks(cost £409.13)
with Hook Worm and Gazzaloddi tyres.29’’ has Big Apple tyre.There is also stunt bike(uni20’’) very posting of which from USA was £122.60.The 24’’ Blizzard frame cost was £199.95(disregard quality rest). There is host of tyres cranks and pedals + 2 computers.
All this stuff is minimally used as I did not have enough time and energy to wear it of.
All of it will go for £400 cash, provided the buyer will come and collect it ( Harts UK) :smiley: Uniwidold.





what are the specs of the 29er?

Damn that’s $956.65 if i bring it here to Oz and that’s without shipping costs. :astonished: :astonished:

Yeah, for 11 unicycles. It’s insanely cheap.

Could I have more info about the 28"/29" ers? Would you sell off individual unis from this group?

What are…

Good one, but I am in UK and do not intend to pack anything even to UK.
Cost of postage would be horrendus, anyway. Sorry mate.:o :o

I’ll have it. Sounds like a bargain at that price, so will be happy to take it off of your hands. It might take a couple of tirips to get all of it in my small car though.

PM me your contact details and we can sort out a plan for payment/collection etc.


And if you fancy parting with the 29er (or one of if there’s two :thinking: ) give me a shout.

Nice to meet you at BUC by the way.


Yeah STM if you do want to shift one of those 29ers I may well be able to help you out.

i need short cranks

It appears…

Ladies & Gents,
It appears the transfer is about to be completed so, do not waste your precious energy in responding to this thread.Best.Uniwitold.:slight_smile: