All right I am starting a t-shirt business that is held at www.whoneeds2wheels.com There is a link on my homepage that is called Primero Productions. That opens up my store. I also have a smaller selection on ebay right now. I encourage you to take a look at my shirts.
Here are the ebay links…


thanks a bunch!


How come only small and medium? No larges?

ok ill make some large ones soon

If you order a large I will make you one. no problem.

You wouldn’t happen to have any youth mediums or x-smalls would you? Most people don’t.


i dont think i have anything that small. the smalls fit me pretty well and i am 5’8" or so and weigh 115lbs. after i was the shirt it shrinks a little bit and fits better. why how tall are you?



XL now were getting serious. I dont know if my supplier has this size. I can check. His sizing goes a little bigger than usual anyways. A Medium is about a Large. A Large is inbetween a Large and XL anyways I’ll see if I can get that in. Probly not, but I think that you would be fine with a Large.

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