[For Sale] Unicycle Garage Sale

Sorry, the deathgrip is sold. But yes, if you drill it as such, it will fit a KH.

Thanks for the info anyway.

Hey is that Torker LX frame sold yet? I might possibly be interested, however I wish I could find a used frame with bearings and a hub too (specifically a hub with 36 holes for spokes) That way I can save on shipping instead of buying all these parts separately from different folks.

Check my new thread titled (Looking for unicycle parts for a Penny Project!)
Mabe it would just be cheaper to just buy a whole used unicycle for parts.

Hey just a question…Is the Torker LX frame…solid steel tubing? or hollow tube…and 2nd it is steel isnt it? not aluminum?


What age kid could ride the 12"? My son’s only 14 weeks, but I have to plan for the future :wink:

Sorry the 12" has already sold, as well as the Deathgrip. However, if he’s old enough to ride a bike I’m pretty sure he’s old enough to uni.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘solid steel tubing’. The steel is not swiss-cheesed, but it definitely has air in the middle, hence, ‘tubing’. And no, it hasn’t sold yet.

Can I get an update on my stuff?


C’mon guys, a lot of this good stuff is still for sale.

Do you still have the kingport handle?