[For Sale] UK - Torker TX Giraffe

A good condition Torker TX 5 foot giraffe unicycle - The bottom bracket, cranks and axle are all straight so no chain tightening/slackening as you ride. The saddle has the usual scratches on the bumpers but the post and the frame itself are not bent. Omes with the original plastic pedals. This was only ridden infrequently for a small period. Great for a busking act, freestyling or cruising around.

I’m asking £100 plus whatever the cost of shipping is (I will quote if requested). Grab youself a bargain, cheapest new giraffe in this country is £175.

Post here or PM me if your’re interested.

if noone buys this soon,l i moight get back to you. ive been looking into street performing etc in ym area!