[FOR SALE: UK] Koxx, Nimbus and Kris Holm Parts

Its been a couple of years since I last used this site, I lost my login details for my old account. But anyway, next year I’m heading out to student accommodation so all my old uni bits and pieces are up for sale, here’s a list of everything I’ve got for sale:

I could sell the trials uni as a whole for £120 (not including postage, I’ve still got to look into that), or as I’m sure people will be interested in separate parts, I could sell pieces individually;

(Overall the uni rides really smooth still)

Frame and seatpost are scratched and could do with being re-sprayed

Pair of KH isis cranks, £25

Try- All florescent green rim (no flat spots), with spokes and Nimbus is-is hub,

Try-all White Tyre, few marks but the treads still perfect, £20

Carbon Fibre Based saddle with padding and KH fusion cover: £25

Plastic pedals (your shins will thank you), £5

Qu-Ax 26" Uni with Union Jack saddle, £40

[PAY PAL ONLY, please]

I’ll have the KH cranks - PM sending.

KH Crank Arms, SOLD

Scotty has dibs on CF Saddle

Stotty*, sorry haha

Cranks received yesterday.

A bit bashed up as expected but no damaged threads that I can see so I’m happy.

Cheers. :sunglasses:

is the trial with the white try-all sold?

Sold the Carbon fiber seat and the KH cranks so far. If you wanted I could fix the trials up with nimbus cranks and a qu-ax saddle and do you a deal for that as a full uni.

At the moment the hub/rim and tyre are still for sale seperately though.

ok where are you (for shipping price)
built it complete and the crank will be how long (would like around 140)
and give me a price in us or can because im in québec city canada

I doubt the shipping would be worth it.

Oh sorry mate I didn’t realise you were in Canada, it’s UK only I’m afraid.

but you can ship it anyway a monocycle would be less expensive to ship than a complete bike
just get info about the shipping price and i will check it out because i check a for sell post and yours is my first choice I got paypal and i’m use to buy from other country so i don’t care about the mono is in UK!!

120 euro is really not expensive and you said you’ve put cheaper parts like cranks and seat so maybe we can deal for less than 120 euro
for me 120 euro is around 175 can$ and they are around 250can normaly so I wish with the shipping it will cost around that price… for exemple: from us to canada another mono was 35 can$ of shipping so transathlantic will not be so much…

Hi mate if you still have the wheelset and tyre please pm me, I also posted on the uuu forums, cheers

Wheel set reserved for Sammy.

Everythings gone. Cheers guys. :slight_smile: