[For Sale] - Uk - Genreal Clearout

A number of bits and pieces that have been in my shed the past few years:

standard steel 36" Coker Rim
set of stock coker spokes with nipples (not pictured)
24" x 3" part worn Duro Wildlife Leopard/Halo Contra Muni tyre
140mm Lasco Aluminium ST cranks
very short alumninium 4 bolt seatpost (not pictured) - good for coker
old KH seat, believed to be busted inside, comes with seatpost and an angle adaptor

I just want to get rid of this stuff, I’m taking any offers so don’t be shy, post here or PM me and we’ll work something out.

is the seat still for sale? whats the cover like?

What do you want for the cranks?