FOR SALE: UDC 36" Unicycle (australia)

This unicycle has been sitting gathering dust in my garage for a few years now and I figured I would see if anybody else wanted it. It has been ridden a few hundred kilometers but is in reasonably good condition.

KH fusion saddle
114mm Qu-ax cranks
Almost new snafu pedals

You are welcome to come around and have a look if you are in Melbourne, Australia. Considering it’s size I’m reluctant to look into shipping because it will probably cost more than the uni itself.

$AUD 250 ono.


I probabaly would have bought this if it was posted like a week earlier.
I think there is a good market for secondhand cokers in Australia. I think this should sell well.
EDIT: I may be interested if it is not sold before christmas though.

ooooooo I want sooooo bad, but mama saya nooooo

Am interested.Check your private messages.

Dibs if not sold.

i woud buy this but the shipping seems a bit pricey

Pretty much sold. Thanks guys.