For Sale: Trials Uni + BC Wheel!

For Sale: Used Bedford One Wheeler Combo - Trials Uni with Fireball BC Wheel

To streamline our stables, amass funds for future ventures, and preserve precious skin and bones, Erin and I are selling two fabulous used Bedford products together in a one-time-only package deal! Buy Erin’s silver Bedford light trials unicycle complete with Suzue hub, Monty tire and professionally improved KH seat, and score Andrea’s quality, gorgeous, barely-used Bedford Fireball BC/Impossible Wheel in the deal!

All for the low, low price of $375 CAD ($280 USD) + shipping!

jaws drop…pandemonium ensues


1. Bedford Monty Trials Uni

  • Yuni Frame – chrome, no stickers
  • Monty wheel
  • Monty tire - 20 x 2.5 (LOTS of rubber left)
  • Suzue hub (could be upgraded to a splined setup in future)
  • 127mm steel cranks
  • Wellgo B-37 pin pedals
  • silver 3 bolt seat post clamp
  • KH seat, yellow (professionally upgraded by machine shop to prevent spinning bolt problem)
  • previously used by light rider (~120 lbs.) for light trials (no drops higher than 1.5’ have been attempted)

2. Bedford BC Wheel

  • Dyno Fireball Tire with red stripe (flame pattern) - 20 x 1.95
  • black wheel with 48 spokes
  • black footpads covered in grip tape (minor scratches on edges)
  • nuts on axle-ends to grip for hopping
  • in appallingly excellent condition due to unfortunate and unforeseen fear of asphalt
  • looks fabulous on my wall, but would look even better under your shoes!

Cost to Buy this Combo NEW >$500 CAD (+tax/shipping)

YOUR Price for ALL THIS PREVIOUSLY-LOVED HAPPINESS = $375 CAD ($280 USD) + shipping!!!

Please direct questions, comments, and offers via PM or email to “Erin” or “slugbath” (andrea).

Thanks all. :wink:

Bedford Fireball Pic

Here is a (somewhat blurry) photo of the BC Wheel, if you are interested.

wheel 1.jpg

wow a combo/double pack,buetiful tactic.i love that.i cant wait till i have somthing to sell again! :sunglasses:

Aw’right, give this combo some thought cause its a good deal - and remember Xmas is just around the corner… we can ship to that special someone for you…:smiley:


how much would it be the bc wheel alone?

Re: For Sale: Trials Uni + BC Wheel!

On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 21:19:36 -0600, jagur
<> wrote:

>wow a combo/double pack,buetiful tactic.i love that.i cant wait till i
>have somthing to sell again! :sunglasses:

I guess you’ll have to. What you REALLY can’t, I’m pretty sure, is to
wait till you have TWO things to sell. :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to say that the package deal did not fly. Due to an overwhelming interest in the BC wheel, the Fireball will soon be making a trip south via Canada Post without the trials uni. So…the Bedford trials unicycle is still waiting in Erin’s studio, and is still up for grabs!

As aforementioned, this silver uni sports an IMPROVED yellow KH seat (the bolts will NEVER spin), a Suzue hub (stronger than a standard hub (e.g., like on the black Norco unsplined trials uni), and cheaper than a splined setup).

I’m not sure how much Erin is selling it for now. A Bedford uni would make a great gift for a light trials rider - maybe you! Or maybe your kid! Or how about your parents!

PM Erin for more information (her post is above).

Thanks all,