FOR SALE: Trials Saddle w/ Left Handed Reeder

Viscount Base
Left Handed Reeder
KH Fusion Cover

$50 + Shipping

cut1.bmp (523 KB)


I want that soo bad but im not lefty:(

That’s exactly what I’m riding now, minus the seat cover. I might be in the market for a spare but I don’t have the 50 clams right now. (working on upgrading cranks)

Dang, I wish I was elft handed, cause this would be a great buy.

Makes me wonder though now. How many uniclist are left handed?



This isn’t a poll guys. Many right handed riders hold the saddle with their left hand.

im interested, i have never ridden with a handle like this though and am curious how much of a different feel it is from a standard type handle.

I use one for Muni and I think it’s the best handle there is for that. I don’t really ride trials or street to speak of. I know some trials/street riders like it very much.

exactly what i was thinking

I use that exact same setup for trials and I love it.

Like I said, I’d buy this as a backup if I wasn’t trying to save up for a hubset. You all should jump at this chance, it’s a hell of a deal. Either one of those parts are 40 bucks alone, and I’m not sure the reeder handle is being made anymore - and UDC no longer carries the viscount.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I just purchased an item from PDC and he a great guy to deal with!! A++++ Had a great experience buying some goods from him, so if anyone is interested in this deal PDC will def take care of ya. Thanks again PDC!!