For Sale: Trials rim

Hi All.

I’m looking to buy a trials wheel, and I’ve gotten an offer but the person wants to sell the entire wheel whole. I don’t really care which rim i use, but already have a Try-All blue trials rim. The wheel i will be getting has an arrow rim.

So, one of these rims must go. I would rather keep the try-all rim, since it’s a great rim, but I’d be willing to sell it if need be. teh specs of the Try-All rim can be found here: The rim is lighter than a DX-32 and is 47mm wide, a whopping 15mm wider than the 32mm wide DX-32. It has brushed sidewalls for a better braking surface, and is anodized blue. I will include the rim strip with it if I sell it. It is in nearly perfect condition, with 1 short ride on it.

The arrow rim’s dimensions can be found here: The rim wasn’t used very much, and is still in decent condition. I don’t have the rim yet, but if I can find a buyer for it I will.

I would like $50USD for the try-all rim, and $35 for the arrow. PM me if interested.