[For Sale] Trials / Freestyle

Hello again!

I have also decided to sell my first unicycle.

It was a generic juggling shop 20" learner. Bit by bit everything was replaced except the frame/seatpost.

It has:
Generic 20" curved-crown frame (with grip tape on crown)
prototype UDC CrMo hub
Primo Hula Hoop rim (one of the best BMX rims)
Onza Stick Fingers 20x2.4 tyre (with some hairs still on it)
Qu-Ax 125mm aluminium cranks
Generic VP/Wellgo style pedals in quite worn black.
KH saddle in black
Original quick release clamp with good salsa-style lever/cam/bolt.

The wheel was rebuilt by the wheelbuilder at my local BMX shop, he had always wanted to build a unicycle wheel, and he did a mighty good job. He used black spokes so it is a completely black wheel.

Altho this is not a splined unicycle, it has stood up to serious abuse by me. I am not light and was learning trials when I was riding this unicycle, so it got lots of big drops with no roll-out, and lots of dodgy landings. All that ever bent (once it had the good hub/rim) were the cranks. The Qu-Ax cranks have not been abused as I fitted them to it when I bought my Onza trials and it has sat in the cupboard ever since.

By fitting a smooth tyre this would instantly become a good freestyle unicycle. The rim is super strong and will stay round forever I reckon.

I’m not gonna try and insert images again, just give you the link to the fotos in my gallery. Have a look at my Coker that is for sale too.

I reckon around £120 is a good price. But it is negotiable, of course if anyone thinks it’s too low I’ll be happy to raise it!

Anyone interested?

PM me if you are.

Nice one.