For sale TRIALS 20IN NIMBUS II(red)

If you are serious send me a PM and I can send you a pic,its the same exact one on the us website except it has 137 moments cranks,IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE LOOK THERE.Its in excellent condition,light use on the street only,some scuff marks on seat handles and pedals,but frame is flawless,I paid 380 with shipping,I know i wont get that,but it is really nice,so I would like a reasonable offer,and shipping also.THE COLOR IS RED just like on the website,the seat is red just like on the website,do you feel me here???I live in Massachusetts,so figure on some shipping charges.I have several unis and want a 29incher so I would like to sell this to help finance my next purchase.Thankyou everyone on the site for your help,unicyclist community is a must for my daily routine,everyone have a great night

How little would you let it go for?

I don’t mean any offense by this, but do you think ANY person is going to tell you the actual smallest price they will let it go for? They might not even know yet and could be waiting to see what they can get for it. Let them have a chance to get more than the absolute lowest they would “let it go for”.

Where are you located? I’m interested?

i just bought it!:smiley:

nimbus trials uni

has it been sold?