(FOR SALE) trial unicycle

I’m selling my uni to get money for a new uni because my need have changed

I bought this unicycle about 2 months ago and my need a have changed so I’m selling
my uni

this unicycle has a DX-32 36 spoke rim
luna trials tire
wellgo plastic pedals
square tapered cranks and hub (cranks have a few scratches but nothing meager
chrome seat post and frame ( seat post is in ruff shape)


hey take the unicycle for like 30 bucks

id say its worth atleast 80.

I payed 200and out here they sell alot for that price

New and unused unis…

Yours isnt new anymore, its been used, expect a lower price when selling it.

yes I expect a lower price just not 30$

is it a bedford?

thats what told but there are not stikers or logos :frowning:

Looks like the no-name unis you order fro Cycless lambert in canada…Id say it could fetch about 100 used.

ya that sounds rite cause the shop that I bought it from sells Lambert and Bedford

Factoring in the shipping price to a unorthodox location to the buyer is poor business practice.

People shouldn’t have to pay what you want them to just because it took a lot of your money to get it to you.

I’d say its worth about $90.

sorry thats not what I meant to say I think it came cross the wrong way I am not asking for 200$ just more than 30$ and my English is not very good so I have trouble some times

sorry for the miss understanding :o

It’s fine. I kind of misunderstood you. I thought you were in some location that resulted in a large shipping cost, and you were passing that off onto the buyer.

Good luck, definitely not worth $30.

Maybe this guy is some kind of supertalent and can even break ISIS hubs like butter?
That or he is just a prick

i rode on coterless cranks for about a year and no problems for me.
it depends on how much you weigh, and how good you are.
this is the PERFECT beginners unicycle



Then don’t buy it? This is a good beginners trial cycle and it won’t likely break under beginner riding.

And the confussion continues :o

I agree that it’s worth like $90-100.

…also how well you roll out of landings and how often you alternate which hopping foot is forward.

If the cranks bend, you could replace them w/ Prowheels which are cheap, and I think stronger.

If the buyer avoids large drops and uses good landing technique, this could last a long time.

Btw: Nicf, where on Earth are you?

In Manitoba Canada
about 1 hour for the border

Its worth 45

I will give u $45 plus pay for shipping:D