[For Sale/trade] BC Wheel

Heavy Duty 20" BC wheel http://www.danscomp.com/401071.php?cat=PARTS Black
EB Style Plates
Twenty G Tire
$150 + shipping From 88310 Or any trade considered

I want a big wheel 29" 36" if your interested in trading shoot me a pm or reply here and we will work something out like extra payment for the big wheel if needed.

any close up pics of the plates, and would you be willing to sell just the plates?

I would like to sell it as a set but if no one wants to buy the whole thing i will part out and you have first dibs
pm me if you have any other questions

well thank you. they look nice but i think if i get plates, i would like to get them a bit wider. but thank you for the close up!

That pic is angled so they look smaller than they are but they are plently stable expecially if you have flat bottom shoes like skate shoes

are these the plates built by evan himself?

If they are they’re really good plates. That kid knows what he’s doing. (or did, i haven’t seen him around for a while, but i have some of his earlier plates and they are really, REALLY good.)

2nd Dibs :smiley:
If you do end up parting it up, how much do you think the plates will go for?

Nope, made by Borgschulze I think.


i dont have any dibs anymore if im the one your 2nd to. i think im going to make my own. sorry qhxakg.

no problem man i had already told him he had first dibs after you said you didnt want them