[FOR SALE / TRADE] 2004 20" Torker DX

FOR SALE: Stock 2004 20" Torker DX, barely used and in great mechanical / cosmetic condition. I bought this for my girlfriend and she hardly rode it… now she wants a muni!

Includes Torker pedals w/ removable pins, 125mm cranks, K-Rad 20 x 2.125 tire with lots of tread. Also includes unicycle stand, owners manual, associated paperwork and original sales slip.

See Unibrier’s 2004 Torker Gallery for pictures of similar models.

I’ll take $120 + S/H from zip code 94086, or I’ll trade this (+/- cash) towards a 24" muni wheelset / complete setup. Make an offer I can’t refuse and it’s yours.

Could you hold this for me until tommorow? My sister wants a uni and this would be great for her. I just need to ask her if she wants this one. If she doesnt want it ill PM you later and if she does well…Ill PM you to work out the deal.


Hmmm, If it doesn’t work out with jerrick then I could trade you my 2005 DX, It 's cranks creak and I think the hub is loose, so It probably won’t work for too long unless you changed out the cranks and hub.
But well see.

Why would he trade a good condition unicycle for one that creaks and is most likely broken? I think youve got me confused

It works fine, but it might break soon, but I changed my mine, I will just buy one new.

I bet the cranks are just loose, tighten those bolts down so hard.


I look at this thread every time i look in here and I figured I should post in it. you are lucky and i wished i would have beat you to it