For Sale Torker Unistar DX 24"

bought this unicycle last summer after learning to ride on a really old unicycle. I got into trials unicycling and needed a really good uni so this is what I bought. It is great and looks like new. it has a few scratches from normal use. But it rides the same as when it was brand new. great for learning unicycle tricks or just for riding around because of the 24" wheel. also can go off road. Tons of fun. only $250 obo. I think it cost me 350 brand new. also comes with a stand for the unicycle.

you can see videos of me riding it here

if you wanna get ahold of me quick please email me at

fits up to 3” wide tires, HD splined hubs mated to hollow chromo crank arms, alloy platform pedals, double wall 48H spoke rim, 24”.

You’ll have to at least come lower in price than a brand new one before you’ll get my interest:

New on Ebay $239
New on $259

Stop posting in other people’s threads trying to sell your unicycle. If anyone wants it they will tell you.

fine then 200 obo, the obo is there for a reason, make an offer. i am looking for offers it doesnt have to be 250 that is just my asking price. gimme an offer and i will tell ya what i think

go for 175… thats a lot more reasonable… I’m not saying its not worth $200, by all means… it may be to some people, but you will have much better luck selling it at 175, and if you let it get bids on it for a month or so you may get $200 for it anyways.

looks like youve landed on the end of the seat a lot, and bend the post slightly, idk for sure, it was that way with my old uni before it broke.
I have A 20’ DX,
great unicycles.

that picture is a picture off of torkers website, I dont have any current photos of it right now, thats why i told you to take a look at the videos, but i dont think its bent, its almost brand new

Uh, watched the videos and in the 180 unispin mount (which there is way to much set-up for…) the seat tube, not the seat post definatley looks bent. I agree with the assumption that you have landed too hard on you seat a few times after watching the jump videos. Your seat is way too high for any of that stuff.
Oh, Tony and I just snatched a DX 24 off ebay for $66.00 US.

Wow, $66 is pretty good. It must have been a bit used.

I’d be interested in yours Tony, but the price is far too high.