[for sale] torker tx giraffe

It has a few scratches on the right side from me mounting on a lamp post
it has a white tire which is a little dirty but you can clean it and i will include the original tire and booklet to set everything up

im guessing $95-$105 maybe more toward $105
(or best offer)
thats without shipping
i’m not sure on the whole shipping thing
if you have experience in shipping giraffes please help

im trying to get the picture off my camera phone asap

hmm i can text anyone the pictures?
and its stock
and my zipcode is 60626 for shipping

sorry for so many
but i’m also up to trading for a bc wheel?

why? you just got em!

im just seeing if anyone wants to buy it

im not completely sure
im also a poor college student low on cash

Hey i might be interested in a trade if your interested pm me and we can discuss details