(For Sale) Torker LX; Minus seat and seatpost

I have a 20"
Torker lx that has seen very light use ( I moved up to a 24") It has a new Maxxis Max Daddy tire on it, and it comes with the original tire which is also in excellent shape. The pedals also have been upgraded to BMX pinned pedals. However I took off the seat and seatpost to use on another uni, so one would have to purchase those 2 items ($40 on Unicycle.com) to have a complete uni.

How Much?Im interested…Do you have pics?

I hope it’s not more than $30

Thats what i was hoping:)

I would take 30 without the pedals or the maxxis tire, those 2 parts cost me 50 alone.

nothanks then.

you can pretty much get a brand new lx for about $70.

um, do you still have the original torker LX plastic pedals? I’ll take those if you have them.

yes I still have the original plastic pedals