[For Sale] Torker LX 20"

Torker LX 20" unicycle, Price is $40.00 firm, plus shipping within US.

Condition: Few scuff marks on seat bumpers, shortened seat seat-post has paint scraped from raising and lowering the seat. Seat post clamp has been replaced with a hand locking clamp. Otherwise stock, and like new condition, even the tire.

Seat post cut down to handle about a 32" inseam or shorter.

This Torker LX has been kept inside, not hardly used, and has the specs as this one at UDC.

what was it used for? just beginning or freestyle or what. Thats the exact same uni i was gonna buy for starting

I bought the LX when I was learning to idle, since the smaller wheel would be easier to learn with. Once I idled with the 20", moved up to the 24", and 36" wheels.

I am interested for a friend, I sent a pm.

highly interested, i sent a PM, please check :slight_smile:

nvm, im gettinga brand new torker LX, possibly a nimbus II, thx anyway

Sold. Hope MrSparkle and friend enjoy the unicycle.