[FOR SALE] Torker DX w/ Splined

20 inch
I’ve got a torker unistar DX with splined for sale, Its in awesome condition i’d say i’ve probably only used it about 5 times.

Im asking $205 canadian for it, It’s an awesome uni you should look into it

Buyer pays shipping

tall uni.jpg

il take the frame.


Don’t part it out, youll find someone that wants the whole thing, I’m sure. I almost thought of buying it for a freestyle uni.

i want hub and cranks

hub and cranks: $205

frame: $205

whole uni: $205

You’re the smartest person in the trade forums. I’ll keep looking, but I can’t buy it right now.

how much u thinkin postage will cost? I live in australia.


Where abouts do u live? and how much for shipping to say Calgary Alberta? PM me please. I need a new uni.