(For Sale) Torker DX like new, 127mm Cranks

Funny how life works. I bought this Torker Slightly used to build a Muni. It arrived in almost new condition. I traded around, got some 127mm cranks and was almost on my way.
Enter Life…wife got pregnant. So, the baby is 3 weeks away and we need spac in the shed for the strolle. I get to keep 3 other unis, so no big lose.
$140 CAN, you pay shipping.
I need a seat and a spline hub abd cranks, so let me know what you have and maybe we can make a deal. Thanks


If this was erlyer, It would be sold, buy im Buying an 06 in a couple days

Cheap, Cheap…baby came 3 weeks early, need money, make me an offer.

Can you get a postage qoute to 88310?

i will trade you my 150mm cranks for your 127’s


This is a 24’’ right?? how much is postage to Chicago IL 60643


Ok, Thanks for the Congrats.

Maybe the person who buys the uni will trade cranks.

Shipping from Kingston Ontario to Illinois $30.30 by Canada Post 5-7 day parcel post.

Shipping from Kingston Otraio to New Mexico $ 32.00 by Canada Post 5-7 day parcel post.

Please base your offers on that. Remeber everyone, I still need a Kris Holm bolt pattern seat of any nature.

Thanks again, my son ROCKS!!!

If no other offers will you trade or part out?

If you part out i will buy the cranks, and maybe seat/post.

You should buy it and then you can switch cranks and sell it.

Well, to be honest, If I was to part it out, I need the seat to go on the Kris Holm Cro-mo frame I am keeping and then you would buy the cranks., I am then stuck with a post, frame, wheelset with no cranks and basically no one wants it.

I may list this on Ebay, it’s in great shape and worth every penny. No one has even made an offer, so…whatever.

Someone malke me an offer, I do want to get rid of this uni…

what year is it???and can i put a Muni tire on it??

135 shipping included.

IS IT GOOD FOR MUNI??? i can come get it and my father will buy it for chrismas gift in advance.

Yes, This frame will take up to a 3" tire, so any good Mountian tire would fit. The Torkers are a great mid-range Muni. They have slined cranks and a 48 spoke double wall rim.
This one is only a few years old but is in NEW condition.

Ok, qhxakg. Thanks for the offer. It is respectable but I think I will hold out. I really have a need for some of the parts and if all I am going to get is $103.00 I will probably just kee the uni.
Not being harsh, just not sure that I can replace the parts I need for the money I would make on this sale.

I will let you know though. The longer I wait, the more I want to get rid of it so who knows…

I will trade cranks and pay shipping for you and me?

Anyways 150’s are bettter for muni i need the 127’s on my trials?

Unit is probably sold as-is but I will let you know.

127’s are quicker than 150’s, I see no advantage to 150’s for climbing at all, as you can spin easier, and as for decending, how much torque would you really lose with shorter crnaks. I think the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. A quick search of “crank length” would open Pandora’s box of opinions…

No problem man I have another dx that I am going to buy closer to NM(I just have to wait until he comes to TX, because shipping from PA is higher than canada). I was just trowing out an offer because you seemed annoyed at lack of response, and the 127 would be nice.