[For Sale] Torker DX 24"

For sale is a Torker DX 24".

Scratched, but in good mechanical condition.
Kenda knobby tire is worn, but still has a lot of life left.


Got a different uni, no longer need this one.

Ready and willing to answer any questions.



No seat or seatpost?

Sorry, forgot to address that. Comes with original DX saddle and seatpost, double bolt allen clamp.

What year is that? A friend of mine wants a MUni but can’t afford for $170. Would you sell for $120-135-ish?

I believe its an '05.

I can’t take a $40 or $50 loss, so no, I can’t sell for $120-$135.

Well, a Torker 24" new is right around $280 and somtiems with shipping and stuff, its around $300. And getting this one around $170 is a pretty good deal.

I rode this uni a couple of weeks ago. No problems at all

Bumpity bump!

is it still available?

i have a friend that may be interested

what would shipping be to 93427?

Yes, it’s still available.

Shipping would be the actual cost of shipping, rounded to the nearest dollar. I doubt it would be more than $25. A rough price quote from the DHL website says $11, but it might end up being a few dollars more. I’ll probably try to send it through DHL, they are pretty inexpensive it seems. Also, the uni right now is in Texas, and I am in PA. I’d send it as soon as I got back, which would be January 14th or so.

FYI, the right pedal clicks a little bit when the uni is ridden. Pedal spins freely, however, and does not effect riding.

just wondering if this uni is still available?

No longer for sale.

Ended up selling my KH24 and keeping this guy.

Now I have a Nimbus 29er :smiley:

Dam You Dam You Allllllll!!!