[For Sale] Torker DX 24" for sale

Im selling a 2005 torker DX 24" with kenda kollossal 2.6 tire. Good condition, just some scratches and some klinking after a large drop. I am selling for $230
or will trade for qu-ax or a simmilar trials

New Price $200!

put pictures please… th 06 torkers are 60 $ mroe by the way…

you can see some pics in my gallery, look for the dx not the lx. I will try to get more up soon. but its just a regular 2005 dx

i really want a trials, so $200 or best offer

You might want to explain what the klinking is, as it may be a major problem.

I think the noise is due to the spokes but its possible it is cuased by the cranks. Either way it only happens when alot of pressure is put on the uni, and doesnt effect the ride. My friend who also owns a dx has the same issue.

ooooooo thats sounds very tempting i was looking to only spend like 175 ish… but i guess you have a better tire and such so i dont know ill have to think about it, consider me as a potential


awesome, i can sell it to you for $200 shipping included

Look down, way down…